General features of the ERPNext System

ERPNext is a system for planning and managing the financial and administrative resources of entitys to serve the major commercial and industrial sectors. The system works with the latest technologies as it is a web application that helps you work at anytime and anywhere. 

1- Periodic backup of the database, to ensure data integrity.
2- Optimal utilization of the company’s resources, like devices & networks.
3- The possibility of multiple users, branches and companies.
4- Accurate system of powers at the level of each user.
5- Support for Arabic, English and more than 15 other languages.

1- The ability to enter data through the file import and export tool.
2- Supporting the multi-currency system and conversion between them.
3- The ability to attach documents to all documents within the program.
4- The possibility of preparing tags and assigning tasks to users.
5- The possibility of internal chatting between users within the system.

1- A special section for displaying key performance indicators panels with the possibility of modification.

2- The ability to send documents by e-mail.

3- The ability of specifying access for external parties to read & view.

4- The ability of preparing a documentary work cycle between departments and a complete approvals cycle.

5- Multiple methods of displaying documents.

Information and technical environment

The ERPNext system provides an integrated information environment to perform its multiple functions in a way that allows a transparent and rapid transmission of information between different departments and between the facility and other parties that deal with it, which would remove obstacles and points of difference and invest in the means of information transmission and flow and exclude Jobs that do not bring additional benefit to work. The ERPNext system works with web technology, which is a technology that depends on the transfer of data and information based on the Internet service, so the user can use the system from anywhere in the world, in addition to the fact that the system supports all office devices, tablets and mobile devices, in addition to the ability to operate the system Through the user’s internal network when needed.

The most important features of ERPNext

The ERPNext system gives the facility an essential power to achieve distinct competitive positions based on creativity in the use of modern information technologies to achieve better services to the customer, whether internally within the framework of the facility, such as departments that serve each other or externally, such as suppliers and allied facilities that may be part of the supply and supply chain Which works on developing the efficiency of the basic facility and strengthening it in the use and absorption of renewable technologies on an ongoing basis.

ERPNext Powerful Solutions

ERPNext system provides you with full management and follow-up of the company’s departments 

Features of the ERPNext Accounting Module

1- Ease of entering the opening balances.
2- Ease of managing receipts and payments, whether cash or bank, and linking them to paying bills.
3- Ease of creating accounting entries and linking them to documents related to payments and receipts and paying invoices.
4- Using the chart of accounts method, which allows the creation of an infinite number of multi-class accounts.

1- The multiplicity of cost centers & displaying them in a distinctive tree style.
2- A list of taxes that includes all tax details
3- Ease of making accounting bank reconciliations.
4- The possibility of adding forms to print checks for the establishment.
5- The possibility of re-linking payments to invoices

1- Managing bank letters of guarantee.
2- The possibility of closing financial periods with ease.
3- Ease of creating reports such as the trial balance – general ledger – financial statements at the level of cost centers and without them
4- The possibility of preparing estimated budgets
5- The possibility of linking departments as an additional variable at the level of events

Features of the ERPNext Purchase Module

1- Full linkage with accounts and stores management.
2- A complete directory of supplier files that includes all their data.
3- ability of preparing an evaluation for the performance of suppliers.
4- Linking purchase orders, purchase requests, purchase invoices, and cash payments and checks.
5- ability of determining the credit limit for each resource.

1- Determine the due dates of invoices and alert them when they are due.
2- Recording purchase returns and the consequent impact on accounts.
3- The ability to track purchases from order to receipt.

1- The ability of preparing requests for quotations from suppliers, with the possibility of comparing suppliers’ quotations.
2- The ability of preparing multiple price lists for suppliers.
3- The ability of determining purchase price controls from suppliers.
4- The ability of adding multiple payment terms.
5- The ability of adding multiple shipping and delivery terms.

Features of the ERPNext Inventory Module

1- The ability to add stores, classifications, and products and manage them.
2- The ability of adding pictures of products and showing them in all reports
3- Complete management of internal inventory transactions and additions.
4- The possibility of adding an unlimited number of measurement units.
5- The ability to add multi-level measurement units.
6- Dealing with the barcode, batch number and digital serial.
7- The possibility of adding multiple variables to items.

1- The ability of creating grouped items and alternative items.
2- The ability of adding controls for shipping and product delivery.
3- The ability of adding multi-level price lists.
4- The possibility of adding controls and rules for product pricing.
5- Determining the maximum and minimum limits for each quantity of products and an alert
6- Full linkage with account management, sales, purchases & manufacturing.
7- Detailed monitoring of the movement of stores.

1- The ability of pricing inventory on a FIFO basis or the weighted average 
2- Monitoring inventory and production and expiry dates
3- Conducting inventory, inventory adjustments and accounting treatment
4- Ease of calculating and adjusting the costs of import shipments.
5- Ease of enabling product quality inspection during deliveries.

Features of the ERPNext Sales Module

1- Full linkage with the financial department & CRM.
2- A complete directory of customer files that includes all their data.
3- The ability of determining the credit limit for each customer .
4- Define discounts and taxes on each invoice.
5- The possibility of installing the discount at the customer level.
6- Alert the user when a selling price less than the cost of the product.

1- ability of selling in different units of measurement.
2- The possibility of preparing orders for the supply of orders on specific dates.
3- ability of preparing price offers that include pictures of products, methods and collection.
4- The possibility of converting the sale order into an invoice without the need to re-enter.

1- Alert when a sales invoice is made for a quantity greater than the quantity available in the stores.
2- Building a complete guide for sales representatives and determining the method of calculating the commission for each representative.
3- Building a complete guide for sales partners and determining the method of calculating the commission.

Features of the ERPNext Manufacturing Module

1- ability of adding an unlimited number of item specifications bearing the cost of direct materials for each item
2- ability of adding alternative items to the item specification files with multiple units of measurement
3- ability of adding production lines and work stations
4- ability of adding production processes and their parameters
5- ability of adding production tracks and specifying the operational time for each production rout

1- Full linkage with warehouse management and financial management
2- ability of creating and preparing production plans
3- ability of knowing the raw materials required for the production process
4- ability of creating operating orders at the level of work stations and production routs
5- ability raw materials issues to the production WIP
6- ability of creating a time file for each production process

1- The ability to compare the BOM item files with each other
2- A complete analysis of all production processes
3- A complete analysis of all cost routs at the item level
4- Monitoring the items issued against the finished goods

Features of the ERPNext Projects Module

1- The ability to create an unlimited multitasking projects for users
2- ability of dividing the project into multiple tasks at the level of departments and users
3- ability of determining the time frame for each project
4- ability of preparing ready-made templates for typical projects
5- ability of modifying the status of the project tablet display

1- ability of billing projects to clients
2- ability of determining employee productivity and measuring performance at the project level
3- ability of linking the project to a specific framework for revenue and cost, measuring them and monitoring profitability
4- ability of following up the warehouse exchange movements at the project level and creating the necessary documents

1- ability of following up the movements of procurement and purchase orders at the project level
2- ability of following up the payment of collections at the project level
3- ability of monitoring expenses at the project level
4- ability of preparing the cost of working hours for employees at the project level

Features of the ERPNext HR Module

1- Management and classification of employees, positions and grades.
2- Management and classification of branches, departments and sections
3- Complete management of the work team in terms of employee transfer, rotation, shifts, promotions and dismissal
4- Management and classification of categories of medical insurance co.
5- Managing employment plans and appointments, evaluating the results of job interviews, and sending job offers

1- Managing employee training plans and evaluating their results
2- Full connectivity with automatic and manual time attendance devices
3- Managing and classifying vacations, holidays and departures with accounting accruals
4- Preparing the general salary structure at the level of departments, branches and sections
5- Preparing monthly salary entitlements, overtime hours, incentives and other benefits
6- Management of advances, loans and salaries paid in advance

1- Manage expenses claims
2- Preparing tax structure models and tax exemptions for income taxes
3- Complete management of employee evaluation and employee skills maps
4- Complete management of the company’s cars and fleet
5- Linking the daily achievement and recordings of users to a points system with the possibility of extracting a detailed daily report
6- A flexible system for evaluating employee performance

Features of the ERPNext CRM Module

1- Complete management to create files for potential customers and place the potential customer at the user or sales representative level.
2- ability of changing the status of the potential client file to facilitate permanent and continuous analysis.
3- ability of adding the affiliation of the potential customer to a marketing campaign to facilitate the evaluation of marketing campaigns.
4- ability of adding a reminder to communicate with the customer with the date and time

1- ability of classifying the potential customer according to the sector, region and type of request.
2- ability of recording comments related to discussions and communication with the client.
3- ability of adding the potential client to an agenda or agenda.
4- ability of assigning the follow-up of a potential client to a specific employee or user.
5- ability of booking an appointment and adding it to the appointment agenda.
6- ability of converting a potential customer into a sales opportunity.
7- Complete management of sales opportunities transferred from potential customers to measure the efficiency of the marketing and sales team.

1- ability of recording and saving the discussions that took place with the client since the beginning of communication with him.
2- ability of preparing price offers and sending them by mail to the customer, and tracking their stages at the user level.
3- ability of preparing commercial contracts while saving an unlimited number of contract templates.
4- ability to manage advertising campaigns and track their results.
5- The ability to manage postal messages and send collective e-mail messages, whether internal or external.